Heritage Church & Heritage Creative strive to capture people’s attention long enough to capture their hearts for Jesus.

Media Coordinator 
Time: 30 Hours Per Week


Do you get excited about creatively communicating big ideas?

Do you over-analyze the filming and story lines of every movie you see?

Do you drive down the freeway and notice how every billboard COULD have been designed better?

If yes . . . keep reading.

We’re looking to hire a Media / Content Coordinator.

We are a group of fun, spontaneous, driven artists that want to see people that don’t know Jesus come to love Jesus.  We believe in the local and “capital C” Church.  We will do anything we can to capture people’s attention long enough to capture their hearts for Jesus.  So, if you . . .

  1. Love Jesus
  2. Love people
  3. Love the Church
  4. Can do magic tricks
  5. Are self motivated
  6. Able to meet deadlines
  7. Enjoy life, wasting time, and having fun while still being highly productive
  8. Love drinking coffee

You might be the right fit.

If you…

  1.  Don’t like working as a team
  2.  Don’t like to brush your teeth
  3.  Take yourself too seriously
  4.  Celebrate the record collection of Nickleback…

This probably IS NOT a good fit for you.


  1. You should be experienced with Adobe Creative Suites
    (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
  2. Be confident in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier
    and it’d be awesome if you knew After Effects.


The Media Coordinator would be responsible for BUILDING and LEADING a team of volunteers (graphic design and video).  This team will be amazing at . . .

A.  Hanging out with a bunch of cool creative people while drinking coffee and dreaming up funny or amazing ways of communicating big ideas . . . 

B.  Creating Content

Series Branding (Graphic Design & Video Creation)

-Design Series Branding

-Design all print materials (posters, cards, etc.)

-Create all promotional materials (Promo Video, Commercial, etc.)

-Create in-series assets (Message note backgrounds, weekly bumper videos etc.)

-Aid in the creation of video, graphic and other creative needs for all areas of the church

-Film & photo all major church events

C.  Leading the Live Video Team:

-Record each service

-Record, and edit services for satellite campuses

-Manage and try not to break all equipment

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If you are Interested? Please submit a resume and portfolio to