3 Things I’ve Learned About Fear

For about a year now I have been playing music. I’ve always written songs, but sharing them with other people is another story. Here is a post from my website (jonbugg.com) about a few things I’ve learned from fear.

Fear seems to be one of the biggest factors in our lives that hold us back. I’ve learned that overcoming fear can mean the difference between living a full, happy life and wandering in the desert of mediocrity. So here are 3 things I’ve learned about fear.

1. It’s not as scary as it seems

Every time I play my songs in front of people I get incredibly nervous. I have a ritual of jumping up and down over and over to get the jitters out before I go up to play. So many thoughts run through my mind:

“What if I suck?”

“What if they don’t get my music?”

“It it too personal?”

“Will they just think I’m odd?”

It turns out, that when you just go-for-it, things work out a lot better than you thought. Our minds tend to focus on the negative worst case scenarios. Maybe to protect us, but  in the end most of the time it just stops us from doing the things we end up wishing we did.

At the end of almost every show someone comes up to me and tells me how much it meant to them that I sing these songs. They get it. And even if everyone else in the room didn’t, that one person was worth facing the fear.

2. Anything worth doing will have fear attached to it

Taking risks is a scary thing. But it’s essential to doing anything worth doing. In fact, if you aren’t doing anything that freaks you out a little, you aren’t reaching your full potential. Don’t talk yourself out of living. Don’t let fear have that victory over you.

If you shoot for the stars, and don’t make it, at least you’ll be further ahead than you would be without going for it.

3. You might fail (actually, you will fail)

Seriously, If everything worked out for everyone all the time that would be great, but there is so much you would miss in life.

Failure is a gift.

Fear of failure is probably one of the strongest fears that stops us from living our lives, but learning to embrace failure can turn the tables on that.

Without failure we would all be super successful and extremely stupid at the same time. Failure gives us wisdom. Failure shows us our humanity. It humbles us. Life without humility and wisdom is just as sad as the life that is wasted because of never taking risks.

When failure comes, thank God for it and learn from it.  Life is a road, with twists and turns, dips and bends.

Life is a journey and all of it is worth experiencing.  


(p.s. I write songs, not papers, so if auto-correct didn’t catch my spelling and grammar mistakes then neither did I.)